Unconditional Love

When I decided I wanted to have a dog, I knew exactly what I wanted.  Nothing was going to deter me from getting two labrador retrievers.  One yellow.  One chocolate.  Names were also chose: Isis and Shiva, respectively.2013-05-25 10.16.51

The only thing standing in my way was my living situation.  I lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn.  There wasn’t enough room for me and two puppies.  After a move to the country I was able to proceed with the adoption.

Now, let me tell you there are days I wish I’d thought this through a little more.  Having puppies does reduce my ability to travel.  Having puppies dictates when, where, and for how long I can go out.  Having puppies means constant care, constant work, and constant reinforcement.

Let me tell you truthfully – I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

When I was a child I owed a stuffed Snoopy dog. It saw me through the hard times of being a child.  Comparatively, my real puppies are seeing me through one up and one down after another.  I don’t know where I would be or what I’d be doing if it wasn’t for them.  They are by far the greatest answer against impending sorrow.

Coming home every day to the love and affection they exude makes it easy to keep on trying.

Even when some of the downs are their own illnesses – Shiva is in remission for lime disease and Isis has mouth cancer.  But you’d never know.  They take their medicine without complaint.  They let me poke and prod to double check their health.  They act as though they are happy-go-lucky puppies.

Shiva is my pure retriever – she chases squirrels and cats, she fetches and returns, and she swims forever. Isis is my drama queen – she lets you know just what she wants and needs whether my rolling onto the ground for pets or with little whines when she is being ignored.

Sometimes I have to remind myself they are sisters from the same mother and father.  They might pick on each other like true siblings.  But of one thing I am certain, they love each other and they love me.


News: Unfortunately, Isis developed cancer. It is with sadness in my heart that she has passed on.

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