I left this book from my summer pile borrowed from the school library for the last read. I’m not sure whether that was the right or wrong choice. I had picked up this book based on some incidental conversations with a student who is very religious and would not commit to answering science questions based on science. But that conversation is an entirely other post.

I was curious on how science perceive the relationship with God and thought maybe there would be some interesting information in this book. The author Michio Kaku is definitely very good at writing for the common reader who may not be an expert in physics – which is definitely me. Personally, I enjoy his writing and his perspectives having read other work; however, I know others who find his ideas a little different (for lack of a better descriptor).

Although, this book didn’t answer the question of the God equation, because it has yet to be complete, there was a great amount of explanation around the work done those far in the world of physics. This book really helped explain the learnings from the theory of gravity and relativity to the quantum and string theories.

I certainly feel like I have a better perspective on what science knows and doesn’t know about the Big Bang, the interconnection of the materials in the universe including dark energy and dark matter, to the parallel universe theories with worm holes, to finally black holes and the movement of time.

Of course, how all these ideas are being used to create the theory of everything – or the God equation.

This book was a condensed but thick read of deep science with a comprehendible language. I will admit though the understandability is coming from a person who has done reading in these areas before and is a science teacher/nerd, so for someone with no background it may be harder. For this reason, I’m not recommending that this would be a good read for students unless used as a special interest book.

Certainly, interesting to learn more about what physics and professionals are exploring in terms of understanding space – especially since I recently had a student who is now attending Harvard for applied physics and have a friend who years ago did the same degree.

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Fall Reading Review: The God Equation

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