Oh my goodness! I can never seem to get enough of reading Mary Roach. As an investigative author, I have enjoyed her deep dives into a variety of topics. This book was a complete surprise – pleasant surprise.

I can’t remember exactly why I bought this book, other than the author. But I also think my understanding of what I was getting into was an investigative look at Earth and her perspective on it. I didn’t expect it to be a collection of her short Reader’s Digest column spots. Her column was little snippets about life and events – many of which happen to a number of people (or at least I’ve been there). It’s the fun twist that kept me turning the pages and laughing at the real look at life.

This non-fiction book was a welcomed break from the heavier content I ended up reading this summer. I needed something that was light and full of fun. The only downfall to the read was it wasn’t long enough. I was so into the short, 3 page stories, that I read this in under 3 days (which is fast for me, as a slow reader).

There wasn’t necessarily anything I could use in school unless it was as writing for an audience example. I could definitely see ELA teaches using it for that or a similar purpose. So, although, when I thought it was more about Earth I was hopeful of using it in class, I’m not disappointed by not finding another literary option.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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Summer Reading Review: My Planet

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