Although this book is not as recently published as my last couple books, I must say it is still new and a wonderful read. Whether you are a scientific person, closet scientific person, or no nothing about science this book is still a great read. Mark Miodownik takes you on an adventure. Not only is he flying from the UK to San Francisco, but as he flies he uses everything in his experience to discuss the liquids around him. As he says, this is by no means a comprehensive study of liquids, but in this reads opinion it does a great service to understanding the unique qualities of liquids and teaching us a few really cool facts along the way.

I’m also extremely excited about this book on a teaching front as well. Every so often I read a book that I feel has usuable text for my students. In this books, there are at least four chapters that I would like to incorporate into my everchanging learning environment. I teach Earth Science, and there is information rolling in the pages that I can use to explain ideas in our subject but also research and ideas to prompt conversation and investigation in the content. I’m looking forward to planning some activities around the chapters.

The 200+ pages of this book are a quick read with the authors conversational tone and constant inflight updates. As I read, I not only imagined his journey but the many personal experiences I have had that are similar in context. Yes, I nodded my head a few times having experienced similar small inflight anedotes. These passages are also exemplary to the story and sidenote commentary about topics. Some of my non-Earth science favorite content include the deep dive into coffee and tea, as well as, understanding the mechanisms of jet flight using kerosene and incredible complexity of the simple pen.

I certainly recommend this book to any reader who is looking for a non-fiction read about scientific content, especially if you want to learn something without feeling lost in the science (I think you know what I mean here). I, for one, have recently picked up the authors other read, Stuff Matters, and look forward to what I hope is an equally interesting read of storytelling.

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Spring Reading Review: Liquid Rules

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