It is interesting to me how many books I have read of late that were purchased with a purpose in mind but quickly changed course. The original purpose of purchase for Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson was for the home.

In no way was I currently concerned about my discipline of a two-year-old. we have our ups and downs – we breathe, we hug, and we sit and wait for the other if they need a moment (sort of, but that is all another post). No, I have been trying to become prepared with the tools in my bag of tricks. I wanted to pretend that I’m ready for whatever this mini version of me decides to confront me with. Haha…

But as I read this book, I found myself being drawn into the constant reminder that these skills and ideas can work in the classroom too. There is a place for weekly meetings, which are used to discuss topics selected by the group in the order to which they are received. There is value in coming to a reasonable decision of expectations with all those involved.

The biggest takeaway for me perhaps pertained more to the idea of sticking to the decision. No matter what that meant for the situation. No matter if it meant that others might judge us – in reality, we shouldn’t judge others when we don’t know the whole story.

So, although there is a classroom/teacher-specific edition, I think I’ll stick with the lessons from this single version. Because as it is right now, I have to focus on a few of the suggestions in the book: removing myself from situations where my buttons are being pushed, handling situations in a calm and collected manner, and letting my kiddo have his moment until he is ready to work through it together.

I have seen these ideas work. And I’ve seen the other side too – when I am having a tough time my kiddo has a tough time (often misbehaving at daycare). By forcing myself to be better, I hope we are both becoming better.

I will also be keeping this book a little longer on the shelf. I know in a couple of years I will need to reread the pages and content. One, because I set it down for a number of months due to 2020 being what it was. Two, because there are so many important examples and keys skills that I will need a refresher.

I would definitely recommend the book to anyone who is looking for another way to fix difficulties that arise between adult and child, or child and child. Discipline and expectations do not need to be (and shouldn’t be) punishments and screaming matches. There is a better way as outlined in these pages.

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Fall Reading Review: Positive Discipline

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