Let’s just say Mary Roach has done it again. I really enjoy reading her investigative non-fiction. I first read ‘Stiff’ and enjoyed learning about what happens to the body after death. Now, in ‘Packing for Mars’ (a deceptive title) she explorers the age of space travel.

This book is really more enlightening about the history of space exploration and the technology – trials and errors – that bring humans beyond the atmosphere of our planet.

What I do love about her investigations are that she talks to the people in the know (somehow getting new and sometimes interesting details), she tries the things she is describing (in this book, a little more difficult in ‘Stiff’), and she’s not afraid to cover all topics (even the ones that might be a little embarrassing).

Sometimes as I read, I think we have the same thoughts. Because, just as I begin to question something – there it is, the answer.

But, truthfully, if you want a behind-the-scenes look at developing space flight (without all the technical jargon) and want to know what that might mean for a long trip to Mars, then this is the book. It is a fun and easy read that keeps the reader facinated with the quips, details, and experiences.

Definitely, a good book for those wanting a little more knowledge about the history and the technology still left to figure out before humans step onto the surface of the Red Planet.

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Spring Reading Review: Packing for Mars

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