Having requested to be part of a teacher ‘book club’ this was the first book chosen for this past school year – Grading for Equity (What it is, Why it Matters, and How it can Transform Schools and Classrooms) by Joe Feldman.

To be perfectly honest, let me say I’m the choir. I’ve been looking for a book that highlighted a lot of my beliefs for education. Some of these include: 1) creating intrinsic motivation, 2) only having grades that are equitable, 3) grades that show a students level of understanding, 4) the ability of learning to progress at different rates, and more…

This book is packed full of great ideas, including how to structure a classroom for equity and scaffolding, and how to input grades that make it equitable and easy (with transitional ideas to record students learning process).

The book might be hard to read at first because the first few chapters really ask us to reevaluate our current system. I know for myself, it really made me evaluate what i was doing that was counter-productive to what I truly wanted to have for grading in my class.

As the book progressed, I was pleasantly surprised and the valuable ideas and applicable solution with examples (and commentary from teachers and students).

Since I actually began reading this book, I joined a workgroup within my district that helps create professional development. Last year, the district implemented micro-credentials. I created a series of micro-credentials that start with the free PDF of the first chapter of this book. I think the later chapters about implementing the ideas into a school culture are really important if we are going to make change and promote equitable learning for all students!

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Spring Reading Review: Grading for Equity

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