This is a special year. It is not only a new year, but it is a new decade. For that reason, it seems like the perfect time to reset and set a vision for the plan for this year.

The last few days have been an interesting use of time. I’m trying to look back at the ideas I’d thought about getting through in 2019 and look at what I should accomplish this year. When I first turned the page in my 2019 planner I couldn’t believe the goals I’d set for myself. Yet, so few of them felt completed or even started.

I look back and wonder where the year went. I always write down 10 accomplishments. At the end of 2019, I found it hard to find 10. Thankfully, I did manage to get there, 10 successful things I’m proud that I finished (or better said continue to work on).

So, the ultimate question becomes: How do I take what was not completed from the prior year and not put it off any longer?

Is there a direct answer to the question? I hope so.

Part of the answer comes from taking my own advice. I need to not only put each activity in its own compartmental box, but also break them down into small parts. With small pieces, I can feel more accomplished as I can check pieces off.

I was starting to think about how to distribute the small tasks. My biggest problem with planning and distribution is that I put things into my planner in a specific order, then I get it all bent out of shape. I find myself doing tasks that are slated for later. This means the current tasks get out of ‘sequence’.

This is why I need to reset.

I’ve been going through my big goals and setting my small tasks. Before putting everything into my planner, I’ve been trying to make sense of the order. Trying to think about the most successful order to carry out the activities. It’s hard to guess the order of my creativity bursts.

I’m setting out this year with the hope of checking off one task after another. I’m putting aside the reasons and the excuses that get in my way. I should be able to look back and see the accomplishments I’ve made. I should be able to quickly analyze the year and recognize how I have progressed forward.

For January, I’m being transparent about the direction I’m working on. 1) Renovations – remove all the window frames and fill them with insulation; do a couple of small prep pieces to ready the painting. 2) Writings – work on editing a favorite novel; build a couple of chapters of a non-fiction piece I want to complete. 3) Professional – analyze some of the work I’ve done to make it better; go through materials I’ve been collecting and finalize keepers (both of these are not planned to be finished by the end of January). 4) Personal – continue to work on health and well-being among some of the things that I will keep personal. 😉

Check in to come in a few weeks…

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New Year; Return and Change

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