Usually, I write an end of the year reflection. A look back at the year that was and my accomplishments along the way. I normally focus on the goals I set out with at the beginning of the year. However, this past year was so full of ups and downs that life threw in a few curve balls.

I accomplished a lot when I look back. Since, I’m a generally positive person I also don’t want to dwell on the things I didn’t really do from my list of goals. What I want to do is look forward to the year ahead.

The things that happened to me over the course of 2016, were simply events that help shape who I am.

I was morally forced to change jobs (not careers) – as a result, I love the school I’m at now; I’m appreciated, I’m able to grow and learn, I’m able to develop the way I want to as an educator.

I was forced to finish the reno of my house (because now I really should sell and move closer to my new job) – the house is looking beautiful and I’m sure the next owner will love the modern touches and the conveniences/safety added to this house. Sure it was costly and expenses I didn’t budget for – but, I learned a lot about myself, my skills, and things I like and don’t for my next house.

I have been trying to accomplish a personal goal (a very personal one). This year had many downs in that area. And although I thought I’d beaten the odds in the last few months, the end of the year saw the end of that chance. I learned that I’m strong and brave to be enduring this trial by myself and figuring out how to budget for this seemingly uphill battle. So, I look forward to renewed efforts in the new year and positive outcomes for this year – hopefully with great personal news this time next year. Fingers crossed!

I basically quick doing the things I love that help me stay sane. I have no idea why and I have no idea what happened instead. In many ways I can find a multitude of excuses for the lack of accomplishment – however, the truth (as it always is) is me; I’m the reason my goals for the year got off track. Particularly, due to lack of focus. So, for this year I have a specific set of goals. I have a specific plan. I have a specific way to accomplish all the tasks I’m setting out for myself.

My new year, my 2017, will require discipline and focus. Two things I have, but they waiver from time to time. I’m already forgiving myself for deeds in the past, but also looking ahead for moments in the future when I might falter. The key will be to ‘get back on the horse’ as they say. To remind myself that everyone has moments where they get off track, but they get back on – that is what I need to do.

My 2017, will see me accomplish so of the tasks I have consistently put on my schedule. I will use the resources I have to the best of my ability and then move in the direction of those events.

It is easy to say all these things at the beginning of the year. Many of us do. We have high hopes. We start off with renewed enthusiasm. I have a plan to help that energy persist throughout the year so that I continue to grow in the direction I want this year to go.

Happy new year to everyone! I hope you are also able to accomplish new and exciting things this year.

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A look back and A look ahead

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