blogging (1)So of late I have been pondering why blogging is so difficult. I couldn’t figure out why sitting down to write a blog post was a task that I found ways to avoid. I mean I physically avoided writing like it hurt. I think the lack of consistency in the posts proved the issue I couldn’t overcome.

Finally, the truth of what I was hearing and reading finally hit home.

I’ve been trying to conjure up a series of blog posts that would help people. The series of 5 ways works for me to be able to share my learning experience on a variety of topics. I have the entire year of weekly posts planned out. However, clearly I have missed the mark on these posts.

What has come to my attention is I do have a lot of experience to share. But it’s hard for any one group of people to become fully passionate about my blog when it jumps all over the place. The more I look at my life and my experiences, I have been rethinking my blog.

Two big things happened. One, I saw a friend post a blur about relaunching her blog with a new focus. I realized that her focus was very specific and it pertained directly to her specialty/passion. Two, I saw another friend blog about the difficulty of maintaining multiple blogs. Again, she chose to focus on one blog that would tell all of her thoughts from her life experiences, rather than separating out her life into chunks.

Blue and white 3D illustration with the word blog repeated  in different shades

This prompted me to think about my blog and my way of posting information. I wasn’t necessarily making my posts focused on my own specialties/passions. Sure I had expertise on the subject matter I was writing about. For that reason, I’m not sure there won’t be further ‘5 ways’ posts. I’m just not going to force the issue.

What I’ve come to realize about blogging is that short is fine, focused is fine, and direct is fine. In that vein, I’m going to change the style of my blog.

In the upcoming weeks watch for learning posts. I’m summer planning. I’m restructuring my classroom and my delivery. I’m reworking what I’m delivering to students and how learning happens in my classroom. For me it makes more sense to share about education than anything else.

find blog voiceTeaching and learning is what I do. It takes over every aspect of my life. Other goals take back seats to the school work I complete, the thinking about education I do, and the direction my life/career are headed. The question is why am I not sharing this with others?

This means I’m going to blog about education: sometimes general, sometimes specific, sometimes opinionated.

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