to drink more waterOnce upon a time, I heard that by the time you sense that you are thirsty we are already dehydrated. The problem then is that we down classes of water, which in turn may not actually solve the problem.

Why not?

Well, I guess the easiest way is simple osmosis. The cells of our body need water. The jury is out on the exact percentage, but for argument let’s agree on 70%. When you aren’t getting enough water in your daily intake of food and drink your cells shrivel. They do this because there isn’t enough water in the plasma of the blood and equilibrium must be maintained.

So the cells scream out for more water as they get thinner. If you take in too much water too quickly the cells absorb way too much and get over filled.

At both ends of the spectrum it can be disastrous for your cells livelihood. Too thin they die. Too fat they die.

Best option then is to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Unfortunately, not all of us can drink the water we need because we don’t like the flavor or we simply can’t reasonably drink that much water. I have friends who seemed to always say they drank a liter of water everyday. I never saw them empty the water, but at least they were drinking something.

How can we, who don’t get enough water, get the proper intake without feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a couple suggestions.

1. Adjust the temperature

Although many studies I’ve seen suggest warmer water is better, I think it’s important to find the temperature that works fordrink water you. If you drink water when it’s ice cold then enjoy it that way. Either put ice cubes in reusable water container or bottle of water OR freeze the bottle (with room for expansion). By the way, there are ice cube trays that form long slender icicles perfect for narrow-opening water bottles.

If you like warm water then awesome enjoy it.

If you like hot water then heat it. Put it in a thermos to keep it warmer longer. Have it in a microwavable container (or have a container close by) and reheat the water when it is too cool for your liking.

2. Add flavoring

You don’t have to buy expensive bottled water with flavors. Try getting the flavored packets. There are not only many varieties to choose from but you can buy powder packets or squirt liquid. Also, don’t feel like you have to buy the most expensive type. I quite enjoy the cheaper WalMart brand.

The only question is how much to add. I have found that two pushes/releases on the bottle, without a hold to get more liquid out, is sufficient. For me, it’s not about feeling like I’m eating the mango, it’s about disguising the bland flavor of the water. Light flavor is great. Find what works for you. You’ll also find that these little squirt bottles can last a couple weeks… then again, I also find myself drinking more water because of the flavor so they don’t always last that long.

3. Buy an infuser bottle

Flavor-in-Your-WaterDon’t want to go with the man-made fake flavoring? Then add fresh product to your water. fresh cut vegetables, fruits, and herbs can give your water a great flavor and again make it much nicer to drink more.

You can add the produce to any water bottle, I personally like the idea of purchasing a proper infuser bottle/pitcher. The nice thing about these is they are designed to allow the water to absorb the flavor while sitting, but also when drinking, as well as holding back the produce from escaping the bottle.

Again there are some really great flavor combinations. I personally like cucumber and mint, lemon and strawberry, to name a couple. They provide light flavor, a pleasing aroma, and color to your beverage. Do note, I don’t always recommend consuming the produce unless it’s still fresh – they have cells too that absorb the water and become mushy.

4. Try teas

Herbal teas are great, especially focus on the decaffeinated varieties. Again, they add flavor without adding other unwanted sugars to your water. There are some wonderful flavors on the market today.

Teas can also be consumed hot or cold. Often when someone says tea we either think hot tea or cold sweet tea, pending where we are from. Don’t be afraid to change it up. Try the opposite of what you usually have.herbal-tea21

My only caution here is to drink it black. Don’t add cream or milk. And be careful about adding sugar or honey, remember we’re trying not to add unwanted sugars.

Really this is just another form of flavor addition that can make the water palatable for those of us that don’t like the water flavor from the tap, filter, or bottle.

5. Alternative broth-based soups

Not sure you can take in water even when it’s infused with flavor?

Try to have more water in the form of soup. Broth-based soups are great for additional water intake. The word of caution here is to look at the sodium content of the soup. Many of the powder and can varieties do add extra salt for preservation. It might be an option to make your own using broth – still read the labels to ensure low levels of sodium,


Sometimes it is hard to get enough water, but with a little thinking and flavor planning you can take more water in daily.

Even though I said I didn’t see my friends finish all their water, they were still drinking some throughout the day. In that light, I still recommend buying a reusable container. Filling it however you like with water. And carrying it with you throughout the day, wherever you go (except maybe through airport security – fill up once through).

Happy hydrating!

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5 Ways … To Drink More Water

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