to detox your bodyYou don’t need to be putting all the negatives into your body. Many people chose to avoid bad habits. They don’t smoke or drink. These are not to say that any of us aren’t full of toxins.

The simple lifestyles we lead can increase pollutants in our bodies. Many of us eat pre-made foods, which are delicious but can have many body-clogging features.

Aside from the foods we put in, the air we breathe, and all the other pollutants that surround us, we store waste. It is a result of research. We have the a bad habit of storing, on average, 10 lbs of waste in our colons. This doesn’t even count the waste built up in the liver and spleen.

There is hope.

1. Cranberry

Cranberries can be served as a drink, consumed as a jelly, or munched on as a dried fruit.

Cranberries have a natural ability to flush out the system.

I enjoy them as an additional to a dried fruit medley (others might enjoy adding nuts to their medley). I also like adding the dried fruit into a blender drink. These are easy ways to have a snack and still get your cranberry intake to clean out the body.

2. Fiber

Yes, fiber is always the fallback plan. It has been a cleaner for decades.

Whether you add fiber in the many new fiber plus foods or you get bran and add to your meals.

An easy way I enjoy for adding fiber is by adding bran (All Bran – pieces or flakes) to the top of oatmeal with fresh fruit. A wonderful breakfast to get you started on the right foot.

3. Antioxidants

We’ve heard this new catch word for the last few years. A few of the berries we’ve heard a lot about are blueberries, raspberries, and acai berries.

Blueberries are antioxidant power houses. Raspberries are known for the ketone. Finally, Acai has become the main fruit synonymous with cleaning out the body and subsequent weight loss.

Fresh is always best. These berries can be easily added to the above mentioned oatmeal, eaten as a mid-morning snack, or as a different dish with supper. Dried fruit is also an option, although many reviews suggest the power of the berries isn’t as strong in dried versions.

Not ideal, but an option are pill formats. Spending a little more to get bills from a good source are sometimes worth is. Cheap pills can have a lot of fill placebo powers.

4. Chlorophyll

Pure chlorophyll is gaining popularity as a cleaner. By buying chlorophyll and adding a millilitre of liquid chlorophyll to water you can create a very useful drink.

After hearing a lot over the summer about the benefits of chlorophyll, I purchased Apple flavored (it was all that was available). I got a 2 L bottle and pre-made a mixer with about 4 mL of chlorophyll. Surprisingly, there is very little flavor to chlorophyll, so don’t worry that it won’t taste good.

As an aside, just be aware that liquid chlorophyll will eventually stain the container you use – so a green glass or bottle is always a consideration.

5. Smoothies

These special drinks require their own category. You have the opportunity to make these whatever you want. detox

Add whey protein to replace a meal and give your body energy. Consider fruit drinks to mix and power your day. Look for vegetable combinations of juices that pack a huge amount of nutrients.

One of my favorite combinations is: Kale, baby carrots, ice, water, tropical fruit mix, and cranberries. This green drink has a sweetness that makes it easy to drink quickly.

Look to make sure you have greens in your juices. Greens not only add their own chlorophyll, but they bring additional nutrients. And some consider greens a negative calorie because it takes more energy to pass greens through the digestive system than it does to eat them.


You can’t keep out all the pollutants that circulate in the air around us, so do small things to clean up your body of years of toxins. And along the way add a start a system that will help you stay clean.

Whether you choose to have a detox day – one day a week every meal is focused on detoxing – or try to have something in your daily regiment, do something to help clean out the negative elements that are clogging your system, making you ill, and/or bloating your body.


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5 Ways… To Detoxify Your Body

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