As I consider the future I can’t help but tell myself this is the year!

This is the year I complete all the things that have been waiting to be done.

This is the year I explore new places.

This is the year I make it a truly awesome year to remember!

As my puppies dream, perfectly happy to be home after a day of driving, I realize that life has a way of being what it should be.  Each thing that happens not only happens for a reason but to teach us something.

It was what we do that truly defines us.

So how am I going to define myself and my year?

1) Write and Share my Novels – This is the year that I get my novels out there.  I have a plan: a) edit my four current novels Jan-Mar, b) query agents Apr-Jun, and if that doesn’t happen c) self-publish them Aug.

So I have begun this process by pulling out the print-outs of the novels so I can edit.  I’ve decided the plan to edit the two romance novels.  ‘Believe in Me’ needs to be edited.  ‘Unlucky in Ireland’ needs to be reworked because I don’t like the male leads name or back story – that will take some work.

My pathologist series has the first book almost complete so it will need to be shelved for a month after completion, just to get the story out of my head.  I find that helps with the editing process because I no longer have expectations of wording and actually catch the issues.

2) Forensic Science Manual – This is the year that I self-publish my forensic science units.  After having the ‘greatest’ computer tech I know rescue my lost files, I have a new start on this project.

My plan here includes completing the Introduction Unit in Jan-Feb.  This will mean that I should begin uploading units at the end of February and at least one a month after that.  So excited to be getting the pieces together and out to the world.

3) Starting Touches on my Artwork/Business – This is the year that I self-publish an artwork book.  This also means my artwork pieces have to be put front and center.  I have to complete the pieces I have on my table.

This mean in the next month I have four started but unfinished pieces to complete.  Then I need to complete at least one piece a month.  This will put me in a place to produce my book by the end of the year.

4) Travel, Travel, Travel – This is the year that I travel to an exotic location.  My current plan is to be in Australia and New Zealand this summer.  I’m currently applying to have a grant to help with this adventure but if I don’t get it, I can still manage this travel.

I am looking at a few other options for big travel locations too.  On these I will have to wait and keep the world posted.  Options here will be determined by Isis – with her illness I may have to opt to save her life instead of traveling, a choice I’m willing to make.

5) Go Camping – This is the year that the girls and I explore the camping throughout the east coast.  I have been ordering camping equipment so in reality we are all set and have no excuses.  We’ll be off to new places all decks out to survive in the out-of-doors.

6) Save and Invest – This is the year that I put money into savings.  I just saw Suzy Ormond say the way to start this year is to pay off credit card debt.  Pay in cash, if you can’t pay for it you can’t buy it.  She also said invest.  The sooner you start the more you’ll have later.

Ok.  I hear you.  So I’ll be looking into starting putting money away and building a portfolio.  I ended last year by starting to put more money into my TDA, so I think I’m on a roll.  I’m going to find an advisor I trust, a company I like, and investments I believe in.

7) Explore NYC – This is the year that I explore the city I call home.  It is time to walk through new neighborhood.  It is time to try new things, new places, and new people.

8 ) Find My Passions – This is the year that I try a few things I’ve put off for too long.  I want to finally go horseback riding.  I plan to start with one morning, and if I like the stables then I’ll sign up for a few more days.

I need to finish the missing piece from last year’s list.  I will find a gun range and learn to shoot.  I will get a mechanics book and learn my way around the engine of my vehicle.  This will allow me to understand the sounds and keep my vehicle going as it moves over 90000 km.

Pending the reality of two other adventures, I am considering getting my motorcycle license (I’m the only member of my family who doesn’t have it).  I need to see how long it will take and what/where I can do.  I also am considering doing a helicopter piloting experiencing.  I looked it up.  I can schedule a one-day opportunity to fly a helicopter – much more practical right now than getting my pilot’s license.

9) Take Care of Me – This is the year that I take steps to ensure longevity.  I need to find doctors here, after all this is my home.  I need to schedule all my appointment – doctor, dentist, eye doctor, and all those things.

But I need to also make sure I’m taking care of my body with chiropractor visits to fix my back.  And massage/spa visits to remove the build up of stress I seem to lock away in my shoulders and neck.

This will certainly add to the quality of my life as I continue to eat well, exercise, and keep myself healthy and happy.

10) Downsize – This is the year that I remove all the extras from my life.  Yes, I began this process last year, but it’s time to make the last bits a full practical result.  It’s time to realize it’s okay to have less stuff.  It’s time to remove the fluff.  It’s time to give away things I don’t need.  It’s time to use up stuff I have before getting anything new.

I can do this.  I don’t need to prepare for the apocalypse because I wouldn’t be able to keep most of it anyway.  So let’s be real to what’s important.

This is the year that I get everything done.  This is the year that I will stay focused.  This is the year that I forgive myself and move forward.

Hopefully you will also focus on making this a year to remember.

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Reprint: Considering 2015 for the Best Year Possible (orig. Jan 2/15)

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