Hard to believe almost four years ago I purchased my corporation name.  Only to find myself on a path I least expected to be on.

For those of you who have followed my story or know me, then you know that when I bought my corporation name and set forth on my plan everything seemed right in the world.  I was in a stable situation and everything was looking up.

Or so I thought.

It took one photograph from trusted friends to realize I was not on my proper path and the situation around me was less than idea.

What did I see in that photo?

I saw a girl trying to hide herself.  I saw a girl who no longer was spirited and carefree.  I saw a girl floundering to make someone else happy.

So I did what any logical brained person would do – right?

I got the heck out?

I worked at my lifestyle – becoming healthy.  In the process losing about 50 pounds on weight that had snuck up on me.  I regained the child-like behavior.  Becoming someone who had a positive outlook, who was friendlier, who was ready to conquer the world.  I ditched the person who was pulling me down.  It wasn’t the easiest, smartest, or safest plan but it had to be done.

Then I did the only other thing I could do.  I picked up my socks, told the truth, and tried to put a life together I could be proud of.

Three years later, what have I accomplished.  I used to think I’d accomplished very little.  A couple weeks ago though I realized we have to take stock.  Sometimes we set out with a plan of what success will look like.  Sometimes we create a strategy of what needs to be accomplished.

The problem is when we don’t meet the goal, we feel like we’ve failed and we have done nothing.

I look back on the three years and what I see is more than I could have ever envisioned.  I’m in a stable place in my life – sure I have to current home because I moved out of an overpriced apartment.  But I have a stable job, great friends, and I’m beginning the hard work of getting everything into place.

Every year I set forth ten bucket list items to accomplish and over the three years I feel that I have accomplished very little.  In truth I’ve accomplished a lot.  I may not have tried everything I wanted to and it may feel like I have missed the mark on a few occasions.  I have done a lot of things to be proud of.

As in every persons life, there are also set backs.  Who would have anticipated in the last seven months I’d suddenly lose my best friend and emotional partner?  Who would have thought within a month I’d learn that one of my puppies has cancer?  Who would dream two months later I’d be thanking my lucky stars to have only lost a vehicle in a car accident?  Who would have foreseen my giving up my home and possibly everything I’ve build over the last three years for an unknown?

But these are the things that have shaped my year.

I believe everything happens for a reason.  If these events had not occurred I can only imagine how I’d still be wondering when I was going to get it all together.

I made myself a promise within the weeks following my near-death experience, to never put things off again.  So it is why I find myself in the place I am.  I’m taking full advantage of the time given to me.

Launching my new brand website only days ago is the first step.  Coming in the next few weeks, I’ll be self-publishing my first novel, I’ll be increasing my educational resume, I’ll be expanding my brand of teacher resources, I’ll be finding a new home – among other things.

There truly is no time like the present.  There is no sense putting anything off anymore.  The future is now and I’m going to ‘live it while I can’.

Ok enough with the cliches.

I hope I can inspire others to follow their dreams, to believe in power of work, and to know their is no limit to possibilities.

Join me in making this a year to remember!

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Everything Happens for a Reason

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